Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 7

While working on our collaborative document this week, I have witnessed some of the pitfalls relating to collaboration that I have heard about from slms in the field.
Many of the slms I have worked with and/or observed have made mention of the fact that although they and their teacher colleagues value collaboration in lesson planning and curriculum development, there are often barriers preventing them from doing so - or at least to the ideal degree.
Although my situation as primarily a student is different than that of a professional setting, it is now easier for me to see the potential deterrents to the collaboration process. The first of which is the matter of coordinating schedules. Whether actually meeting in person, or merely working together virtually, time must be set aside to not only complete the product (be it a lesson plan or report), but also a significant planning stage; determining a cohesive plan, including who will be responsible for what, and what will be the desired outcome.
The second deterrent is that, in the case of our collaborative report for class, personally, I felt that I would have worked more efficiently working independently, and I wonder if others share that sentiment. Conversely, had there been more specific planning, perhaps the collaborative effort would have been more efficient.
One of what I feel is the most important keys to successful and efficient collaboration, is that a group leader is established. I may be wrong about this, as I am still learning about the process, but in recounting my academic and professional experience, I have realized in almost every case that I have collaborated with other students or teachers, there has been a de facto leader.
I have many more thoughts on the subject, however this post appears to have become long-winded, so I will seek other opportunities during the semester to share my other sentiments.


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