Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 1

While I am no stranger to blogging, or sharing information and opinions via the web, this class marks my first foray into the world of wikis. By that I mean that I have not contributed significantly to a wiki in the past, although I use many Web 2.0 tools to perform many of the same functions.
I am interested in seeing how the interaction between the class members evolves throughout the semester, especially since I assume we all have varying levels of experience publishing and collaborating using Web 2.0 tools.
Although I have plenty of experience using Web 2.0 tools, I would also be the first to say there is always something new to learn, and I am excited to see how these tools can help me in a professionally, in ways I may not have envisioned.
On a somewhat related note, the timing of this class coincides with me exploring Google Wave. I will be using it for non-academic reasons, but from what I understand, it could likely be a valuable tool for collaborating in an academic sense. I will be sure to keep you all posted about my progress as the semester unfolds, should it be pertinent to our class.


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